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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

CCleaner 5.91.9537 and similar applications


CCleaner is a tool to clean your system from temporary and unnecessary files that accumulate over time. With a deep scan mode that completely removes junk files, temporary files, registry in the system, deletes browser data, CCleaner PC helps return storage space to the hard drive to help the computer run faster. In particular, CCleaner now has a PC Health Check feature, which checks the "health" of your computer comprehensively every time you feel like you don't know how to make it... CCleaner

CCleaner And Softwares Alternatives:

Top 1: Windows 11 Installation Assistant:
Windows 11 Installation Assistant (Windows 11 Update Assistant) is designed to prepare your computer for upgrading or updating Windows 10 by checking for compatibility issues and downloading all necessary files to start the install. Note that you can also upgrade to version 11 with an older version to a newer major version of this wizard. Unlike Windows 11 Media Creation Tool, this program cannot create installation media. Holders of a valid Windows 10 license can upgrade to Windows 11 for free at any time. Updates are made through the internal Windows Update feature or through supporting tools such as the Media Creation Tool or the Windows 11 Setup Wizard. Activation requires a valid... How to use Windows 11 Installation Assistant

Top 2: FastKeys:
FastKeys is a powerful automation software that helps you configure programs to start different activities on your computer, assign keystrokes for performing various operations, define abbreviation strings for your frequently used text, and manage mouse gestures. Its purpose is to help you configure programs to start different activities on your computer, assign keystrokes for performing various operations, specify abbreviation strings for your frequently used text, and draw mouse gestures. FastKeys gives you the possibility to draw mouse gestures for performing common or complex tasks, use the built-in programming editor with the syntax highlighting feature, as well as consult the... FastKeysFree Download

Top 3: HiBit System Information:
HiBit System Information is a powerful system information utility that gathers important data on the computer's hardware and software components also you can save your scan results directly as a HTML file for easy sharing. Features of HiBit System Information: Detailed information about the configuration of your computer The storage device's health status The laptop battery health status List of running processes, services, drivers and startup List of installed software Export the computer information to the HTML file Easy-to-use user interface Automatic update to the latest version. The HiBit System Information is divided into few major... Download HiBit System Information

Top 4: OfflineInsiderEnroll:
OfflineInsiderEnroll is a simple Windows Command Prompt script to enable access to the Windows Insider Program on machines not signed in with Microsoft Account. This script is compatible only with Windows 11 or Windows 10 version 1809 and later. After starting, the script offers selection of Windows Insider Program channels. To make a selection, press a letter coresponding to option you choose and press ENTER. If the machine was not enrolled to the Insider Program, you will get prompted to restart your machine to enable Microsoft Flight Signing which is required by Windows Insider Program. Notice: Windows Insider Program requires telemetry to be set to Full. After enrolling your... OfflineInsiderEnrollPortable
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