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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Rocrail Build 3680 and similar applications


Rocrail is free software for controlling model trains for Linux, Apple macOS (Intel&M1), Windows and PiOS operating systems. Rocrail assumes all responsibilities for controlling a model railroad and their accessories. Trains can be either manually controlled or completely controlled by the software in automatic mode. A mixed operation, i.e. controlling some trains manually and other trains in fully automatic mode is possible. With Rocrail different applications for a model train... Rocrail

Rocrail And Softwares Alternatives:

Top 1: GPS Fields Area Measure PRO:

Easy to use, useful app for an area, distance and perimeter management. This tool is helping for million people to measure their fields, mark their needed points and sharing their measured maps with their colleagues. Don't waste your time searching for the best app to measure area, distance and perimeter - choose our app and simplify the measuring process! Unique features Fast area/distance marking Unlimited access to the data Smart Marker Mode for very accurate pin placement Name, save, group and edit measurements “Undo” button for all actions GPS tracking/Auto measure for walking/driving around specific boundaries It also includes a feature to send an auto-generated link to... GPS Fields Area Measure PRO Full

Top 2: HomeBank:

HomeBank is a software application that helps you manage personal accounts and expenses.The program is easy to use with the graphs and custom filters, which are designed to give you an overview on finances. HomeBank can import from many formats: Easily import your accounts from Quicken or Microsoft Money and many other financial management programs. Supported file formats include QIF, OFX, QFX, and CSV. Features of HomeBank Import from many formats: Easily import your accounts from Quicken or Microsoft Money and many other financial management programs. Supported file formats include QIF, OFX, QFX, and CSV. Duplicate detection: HomeBank will detect and identify the duplicate... HomeBank latest version

Top 3: Stretchly:

Stretchly is an open-source tool which displays regular "take a break" reminders when you’re working on your PC, Linux system or Mac. There are plenty of similar tools around, but stretchly has some unusual touches which help it stand out from the crowd. The program immediately minimizes to your system tray and leaves you to work as usual. No bulky scheduling or setup dialog here. After 10 minutes (by default) an overlay appears in the center of your screen, with an idea for a 20-second "microbreak". This might be a suggestion to focus your eyes on something distant, stand up and stretch your arms, any brief activity that takes your eyes off the screen. This is a smart idea because... Download Stretchly

Top 4: Exodus:

Exodus is a straightforward and well-crafted piece of software that allows users to securely manage and trade cryptocurrency assets, regardless of your OS of choice, be it Windows, macOS or Linux. Exodus is a neatly-designed and practical application that, as it's advertised, allows you to efficiently exchange and manage cryptocurrency or blockchain assets. Exodus - Cryptocurrency exchange and management The utility is as user-friendly as an app of this sort can be, it looks nice, runs smooth in all conditions and it is easy to install. This said, if you are just getting involved with blockchain assets and exchanges, Exodus is definitely one of the best tools of this sort to have... Download Exodus
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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Q-Dir 11.37 and similar applications


Q-Dir is a multi-pane file explorer that enables you to arrange up to 4 separate Window Explorer views (quadro-view) while maintaining all standard Explorer features. It also offers a variety of file additional management features including color coded file filters, customizable layouts and columns, quick access to favorite file and folder, and more. Features of Q-Dir: Favorites: Quick access to most often used folders. Drag&Drop: Move files by dragging in Q-views, and other... Q-Dir

Q-Dir And Softwares Alternatives:

Top 1: RegJump:

RegJump is a command-line app that creates a jump point to a user-defined registry path. This little applet is a straightforward workaround to open up Regedit to a specific path minus the unnecessary navigation in the standard way. usage: regjump <|-c> e.g.: regjump HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows

Top 2: IObit Driver Booster Pro:

IObit Driver Booster Pro is a nice and simple software to update your system hardware's drivers. One of the things users do after installing Windows is to install various drivers for printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, monitors, etc. For each of these drivers we have to go to the manufacturer's website and download the driver. As you know, this is time consuming and sometimes error prone. Sometimes an incorrect or incomplete driver installation can cause many problems. With the above problems, iobit has developed a software called IObit Driver Booster which is the solution for all needs related to installing and updating drivers. After installing this program, all your drivers will be... IObit Driver Booster Pro Portable

Top 3: Extended GodMode:

Extended GodMode is a utility for easy and quick access to system-level settings. The software is based on the GodMode function of Windows operating systems and complements their capabilities in several ways. The original GodMode contains more than 200 items, depending on your configuration and operating system version. Extended GodMode complements these functions with the Admin Tools and Control Panel elements. It displays all setting options in a single interface and allows access to them grouped in several ways according to different criteria. Extended GodMode also includes a powerful search engine. Individual searches can be saved to create groups of settings. Extended GodMode... Extended GodMode for Windows

Top 4: AskAdmin:

AskAdmin - Block programs on the Windows 11/10/8/7 AskAdmin can block most any resource on your computer, including Microsoft Store, Microsoft EDGE, Google Chrome, Skype, built-in apps (e.g. UWP), CMD & BAT files/scripts, reg data and more. To further prevent access to blocked items, AskAdmin provides an optional password. AskAdmin is a portable application that is ideal for those with children, and for business computers. How to use AskAdmin: There are two ways to create a block list: 1. The easiest way is to drag and drop Application/s, a Folder/s or a File/s you wish to block to the AskAdmin interface. If you wish, you can drag several applications on GUI at once. 2. Click... Install AskAdmin
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Friday, September 29, 2023

DVD Drive Repair and similar applications

DVD Drive Repair

DVD Drive Repair is a useful application that allows you to recover your missing DVD (optical) drive from Windows. In some cases, it can also help when certain applications don't recognize your drive; mostly when your computer has a hardware problem or a virus attack that prevents it from using the DVD drive. When your DVD Drive is not recognized by Windows even if it is functional, normally you consider reinstalling Windows or restoring it to a previously functional version using... DVD Drive Repair

DVD Drive Repair And Softwares Alternatives:

Top 1: Kickass Undelete:

Kickass Undelete is a free, fully featured, file recovery tool for Windows. Accidentally deleted a file? Never fear; the data is probably still on your drive and may be recoverable. Kickass Undelete finds all of the deleted files on your hard drive, flash drive or SD card and allows you to recover them. Kickass Undelete - File recovery tool for Windows Features of Kickass Undelete Free and Open Source Support for both NTFS and FAT filesystems Filter by filename and extension Easy-to-use interface Unreasonably large scan button.

Top 2: Detect It Easy:

Detect It Easy is a portable Open Source packer identifier utility for quickly defining file types and more. Detect It Easy can easily identify over 200 file types from their contents. In addition, it supports drag n' drop to simplify the identification process further. File incorrect or missing? No problem, Detect It Easy will allow you to find out more information. Define file types for Windows, Linux and MacOS Detect It Easy has totally open architecture of signatures. You can easily add your own algorithms of detects or modify those that already exist. This is achieved by using scripts. The script language is very similar to JavaScript and any person, who understands the basics of... Detect It Easy for Windows

Top 3: Rescuezilla:

Rescuezilla is an easy-to-use disk imaging application that's fully compatible with Clonezilla (the industry-standard trusted by tens of millions). Disk imaging makes a backup of your computer's hard drive which is managed as files stored on an external hard drive. If your hard drive fails, you can restore your disk image and within a few minutes all your documents and settings will be restored to the exact same state they were in when the last snapshot was taken. Rescuezilla lets you perform backup, restore and recovery actions, even if you aren't able to boot into your regular operating system. It does not matter if you use Windows, Mac or Linux. It doesn't matter if you can't even... Download Rescuezilla

Top 4: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an ultimate photos fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos depending on the matching level you choose. This captivating tool works with photos from Photos and iPhoto, along with photos from external storage and your system’s hard drives as well. Free up ample of disk space by deleting a large number of similar and duplicate photos in just a click! Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro works like a charm and has the ability to detect duplicate and similar photos wherein: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro (Windows) The best tool to remove multiple copies of exact and similar-looking images. Its fast & accurate scans can find duplicates... Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Portable
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Android Studio 2022.3.1.20 and similar applications

Android Studio

Android Studio support you Android emulator (Android Emulator) which will help emulate Android device on your computer so that you can test your application on many Android device configurations like smartphones, computers table, TV. You can simulate incoming calls and text messages, specify the device's location, simulate rotation and other hardware sensors, access the Google Play Store, and more. In Android Studio, Android NDK is a toolkit that helps you develop android applications... Android Studio

Android Studio And Softwares Alternatives:

Top 1: werf:

werf is an Open Source CLI tool written in Go, designed to simplify and speed up the delivery of applications. To use it, you need to describe the configuration of your application (in other words, how to build and deploy it to Kubernetes) and store it in a Git repo — the latter acts as a single source of truth. In short, that's what we call GitOps today. werf builds Docker images using Dockerfiles or an alternative fast built-in builder based on the custom syntax. It also deletes unused images from the Docker registry. werf deploys your application to Kubernetes using a chart in the Helm-compatible format with handy customizations and improved rollout tracking mechanism, error... werf Full

Top 2: Drupal:

Drupal is an Open Source content management framework written in PHP. Drupal provides a back-end framework for at least 2.3% of websites worldwide, from blogs to commercial sites. With robust content management tools, sophisticated APIs for multichannel publishing, and a track record of continuous innovation—Drupal is the best digital experience platform(DXP) on the web, proudly open source. Features of Drupal Security: Secure & protect your users Performance & Scaling: Perform under pressure Multilingual: Allow seamless translation Accessibility: Make your content accessible to the widest possible audience Marketing Automation: Target your reach with audience... Drupal for Windows

Top 3: Actual Installer:

Actual Installer is a straightforward software installer tool for creating reliable installation programs. This professional tool allows you to create reliable installation programs, ready for distribution, with extreme ease. Actual Installer provides a lot of advanced, such as support for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows applications, multilingual installations, customizable dialogs, registry modification, checking the system specifications for their compliance with the program requirements, software prerequisites, file associations, registration of fonts, screensavers and ActiveX components and more... Actual Installer has all the necessary basic installation features, including... Actual Installer Full

Top 4: RSSme:

RSSme is free, lightweight and user-friendly RSS editor. Support creation and editor of RSS feeds. Implements visual and user-friendly editor of posts. Features of RSSme Simple creation and management of post from dockable bar. User-friendly and visual editor of posts. Supports plain HTML tags: A, B, I, U, S, LI, UL, OL and etc. Supports insertion of images on WYSIWYG-mode. Preview of HTML code on-the-fly with syntax highlighting. Quick validation RSS feeds on official web site of W3C. No has dialogs! No has modal! Only Your creativity!
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Mozilla Firefox 118.0.1 and similar applications

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a fast, secure and easy to use web browser that offers many advantages over other web browsers, such as the tabbed browsing and the ability to block pop-up windows. It lets you to view Web pages way faster, using less of your computer's memory. Take Firefox with you wherever you go. Synchronize your browsing across multiple devices. Forget clunky URLs – find the sites you love in seconds. Firefox has the most ways to customize your online experience specifically for... Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox And Softwares Alternatives:

Top 1: Firemin:

Firemin is the solution to help you browser the web smoother with Firefox, Pale Moon or Waterfox browsers, eliminating memory leak problems and reducing the amount of memory Firefox uses on users' computers. The software runs in the background in the system tray, performing a RAM test to free up space and provide the best possible performance. Main features of Firemin Optimize memory when using Firefox browser Automatically release additional memory when the allowed threshold is exceeded Start with the browser and automatically do the optimization Works in the background and does not consume system resources Compatible with many Windows operating systems.

Top 2: Lightspark:

Lightspark is an open source Flash player implementation for playing files in the SWF format. Lightspark can run as a web browser plugin or as a standalone application. There are six alternatives to Lightspark for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Firefox, Linux, Google Chrome and Mac. The best alternative is Ruffle, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like Lightspark are Gnash (Free, Open Source), BlueMaxima's Flashpoint (Free), Adobe Flash Player Projector (Free) and XMTV Player (Free). Testing of Lightspark An easy way to compare Lightspark to Adobe Flash Player is to use the Flash Player Projector, which is simply a standalone executable of Flash that can... Lightspark for Windows

Top 3: Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer 11 is the last version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. It's released on October 17, 2013 for Windows 8.1, and on November 7, 2013 for Windows 7. Internet Explorer was originally Microsoft's primitive web browser used by many people, but now with the emergence of many newer browsers, IE is no longer as noticeable as before. However, Internet Explorer 11 version is worth the experience, with very good compatibility with many advanced features that are not inferior to famous browsers. Security hotfixes are still available for Internet Explorer 11 until January 2023, when Windows 8.1 itself is no longer being provided with security hotfixes. Windows 10 still comes... Install Internet Explorer

Top 4: uBlacklist for Chrome:

Blocks sites you specify from appearing in Google search results. This extension prevents the sites you specify from appearing in Google search results. You can add rules on search result pages, or on sites to be blocked by clicking the toolbar icon. Rules can be specified either by match patterns (e.g. *://**) or by regular expressions (e.g. /example\.(net|org)/). You can use this extension in several search engines other than Google. The list of supported search engines is available at: You can synchronize rulesets across devices via cloud storage. At the moment, Google Drive and Dropbox are supported.
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Thursday, September 28, 2023

UltraCopier and similar applications


Ultracopier is advanced and yet easy to use application designed to enable users to copy or move files and folders with a few clicks. This tool was developed to provide speed limitation, error / colision management, translation and many more interesting features. Ultracopier with file copy acceleration makes it easy to copy large data files quickly. Moreover, Ultracopier uses a modern algorithm to speed up data copying for you and also has the function of reducing data copy speed if your... UltraCopier

UltraCopier And Softwares Alternatives:

Top 1: Multi Timer StopWatch:

Multi Timer is a beautifully designed time management app. Multiple timers can be set, independently started and run at the same time. Stopwatch results can be stored. Use Multi Timer for cooking, sports, machine washing, study, work, gameplay - anything you like. Features of Multi Timer StopWatch Multiple timers at once: Store timers that you usually use for cooking, sports, study, work, game, anything you want. Start them with just one touch, any time you need. Timer within a timer: Get a notice at a set interval time. For example, receive a signal during a presentation that a set time is left. Each timer it's own sound: Assign a unique sound to each timer, so you instantly... Multi Timer StopWatch Free Download

Top 2: SystemDateChanger:

SystemDateChanger allows quick time/date changes to be made without navigating to Windows settings each time. SystemDateChanger makes changing the system date a quick process and can be configured with a hotkey to open the app. The date/time change remains in effect as long as the app is running. Close the app window to restore the current time. System date and time changer for Windows. Temporarily change system date. Change date and time without looking in Windows settings. Quickly change the date multiple times using the keyboard. Can be used to set date before digitally signing documents.

Top 3: WezTerm:

WezTerm is a GPU-accelerated cross-platform (Windows, Linux, macOS) terminal emulator and multiplexer. Features of WezTerm Runs on Linux, macOS, Windows 10 and FreeBSD Multiplex terminal panes, tabs and windows on local and remote hosts, with native mouse and scrollback Ligatures, Color Emoji and font fallback, with true color and dynamic color schemes. Hyperlinks a full list of features can be found here... System Requirements and Technical Details Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 RAM (Memory): 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended) Hard Disk Space: 200 MB of free space required.

Top 4: GS Auto Clicker:

GS Auto Clicker is a software that automatically clicks auto click, extremely useful for users who often have to click while playing games or working. This Autoclick software will automatically click on the preset points, relax your fingers and save you time. You will simply need to press one specific HotKey, and GS Auto Clicker will then help you finish clicking, the application even lets you record sequences of clicks on different parts of the screen to be used over and over. How to use GS Auto Clicker GS Auto Clicker has a simple and easy to use interface, with a large button Press F8 to Click. F8 is the default shortcut to launch software, users can choose any hotkey they like... GS Auto Clicker Portable
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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

StrelyCleaner 1.6.2 and similar applications


StrelyCleaner is a lightweight utility designed to help you quickly scan your system and detect malware either locally or via the connected USB. The tool is particularly useful in identifying viruses that create shortcuts in the USB memories and hence, can easily make their way into your computer. StrelyCleaner - Detect malware The application is primarily designed to be an anti-shortcut virus, a type of malware that is a combination between a worm and a Trojan and has the purpose of... StrelyCleaner

StrelyCleaner And Softwares Alternatives:

Top 1: SterJo Facebook Password Finder:

SterJo Facebook Password Finder is free application designed to recover the password of your Facebook account saved by most web browsers. Almost every browser has an option to remember logins and save you a lot of time when you need to retype them. But sometimes you could easily forget facebook password especially if you change it often. How is SterJo Facebook Password Finder working: The primary objective of this tool is to help users that have forgotten their password and want to recover it instantly. Interface of the program is very simple to use and all you have to do is click a button to recover your facebook login details.

Top 2: AdGuard Ad Blocker:

AdGuard is a unique no root ad blocker for Android that removes ads in apps and browsers, protects your privacy, and helps you manage your apps. Easy to set up and get going, but powerful and highly customizable — it has everything you'll ever need from an Android adblock tool, and it works both on rooted and unrooted devices. Features of AdGuard Ad Blocker for Android Blocks ads everywhere Block throughout the whole system. This includes video ads and ads in your favorite apps, browsers, games, and on any website you can imagine. Dozens of ad filters are available to you and are updated on a regular basis, guaranteeing the best filtering quality. Cares about your privacy We... Install AdGuard Ad Blocker

Top 3: Sticky Password:

Sticky Password is an award-winning password manager with features like auto-login, auto-fill form, and password generator, and it protects your data with industry-standard AES-256 encryption combined with your master password or biometric authentication (eg fingerprint). Sticky Password is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and you have the option (if you want) to automatically sync your data across all of your computers, smartphones, and tablets. friend. If you don't want to sync data through Sticky Password cloud-based servers, you can use the premium Sticky Password local WiFi sync, which syncs your data over your own network and never touch the cloud. Sticky Password - A... Install Sticky Password

Top 4: Password Cracker:

Password Cracker is a simple software that was created to ensure that you never worry about misplacing or forgetting passwords. Tool for restoring forgotten passwords (also in Internet Explorer). So using this application, you will no longer have to panic when you lose any of your passwords. How to use Password Cracker: Start pwdcrack.exe. Click on button Enable. Move mouse pointer on password. See to field View. Using: Just hover the mouse on the password and inhospitable place of asterisks see the desired password. Multilingual version supports follows languages: English, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portugues (Brazilian), Spanish, Nederlands, Russian,... Password Cracker Full
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